Havening Techniques

Havening Techniques is a healing modality designed to change the brain to de-traumatize a memory and remove its negative effects from both our psyche and body.

These techniques are powerful tools to treat the consequences of encoded traumatic/stressful memories.

The sensory input of human touch is used as a therapeutic tool and this we refer to as Havening Touch®.

One of the great advantages of Havening Techniques in the present climate is the ability to conduct sessions very satisfactorily via video call.

During the session, the client is shown how to apply the Havening Touch to upper arms, face and hands which generates delta waves in the brain and in the process de-links the memory from the traumatic component. Havening (the transitive verb of the word haven….to put in a safe place) is capable of achieving this without the use of medication, talking, or prolonged exposure to these techniques.

Some results are instantaneous within one session. Pain has, in some cases, disappeared instantly and long-standing issues have been resolved very quickly, while disturbing memories fade so effectively that they become irretrievable.

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Havening Techniques

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